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Our Motto is "Nothing is Impossible."   Just ask us, we will build you anything.  - Todd W. Byars, Founder

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Computer Dudes - 2024 +

The Computer Dudes, Inc is privately owned company, with a private client list.     Our client list is one of the most secure on the Planet in 2024.  

To RAISE SECURITY for our clients in 2024 - we request that you contact us on our "plain old analog telephone."   The number is 850.681.7552 -  leave a short message with your needs and contact information.  New clients will be given a different Phone Number for 24 Hour Contact and Support.

Again - New Clients should call our Main Number:  850.681.7552 - our client list is FULL but if you leave a message we will try and work you in.  Once you are a client you get direct contact numbers to our offices and engineers.   Thanks!

The Computer Dudes, Inc.  - Only sell Quality.         

Todd W. Byars
The Computer Dudes, Inc.
Global Operations, Research, and Services

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Ransomware and Fake Invoices - Block Them, Backups, Airgapping and Don't Pay Them.

on 19 Jul 2024  Posted by CorpRattX  Category: Technology  Comments: 0

Ransomware and "Fake Invoices" are going around again.

Don't fall for the Fake Invoices - do not answer them, do not call the number they list. Delete the email. Call the store or bank using their NORMAL number found on the back of their Credit Card or Main Website if you need verification the invoice was fake.

The best defense against ransomware?

Computer Dudes usually recommend backups on USB drives - one USB drive for each day of the week.

Also - most of the time up to date antiviruses and anti-malware software will stop or block ransomware.  Switching to a Linux operating system and - Air Gapping your business computers are another option.

Cyber Criminals are criminals so I generally recommend you NOT pay them.

The recent movie "The Beekeeper" it is about ransomware and criminal hacker groups targeting the elderly and gaining full access to their computers and finances.  The article following this one on our website discusses the movie in greater detail.

Backups, Anti-Virus, and Air Gapping are much less expensive.

Computer Dudes

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Movie - The Beekeeper has an accurate depiction of how scammers, hackers, and organized crime can get into your computer.

on 13 Jul 2024  Posted by CorpRattX  Category: Technology  Comments: 1

One of my more recent posts on Computers and Security included using older equipment and air gapping.

So I found it interesting tonight to see it portrayed on  "The Beekeeper," Jason Statham' newest movie.

While the movie is largely fiction - there is also an accurate portrayal of the way people hack peoples computers and steal their money.

It is also accurate that those who run viruses, and call rooms, DO TARGET the elderly, the weak, and anyone they can fool.

How to be safe.  If a security notice pops up on your computer, and someone calls you - turn off the computer, by holding down the power button and then unplugging the computer and if its a laptop remove the battery..  Then note the number and hang up.

Then call someone you trust - and discuss contacting Law Enforcement.   If Law Enforcement cannot help - then call a local to you Computer Services and Repair Company.

Also call your financial institutions and banks to have them manually change your security / passwords. When they ask about the reason tell them - possible fraud.

Other tips for safety.  Never use the same password on all accounts. Never save your account information and passwords on your computer AND most importantly - use strong passwords. 

For important accounts and financial accounts use two factor authentication - which is usually your computer and your cell phone.   Also change your passwords on a regular basis.  Your Bank and Online Financial Companies will also have advice on how to stay safe.    Many banks and financial groups flag and halt illicit activity - if this happens call the phone number on the back of your Credit / Debit Card or the Number to your bank or financial institution.   Do NOT call any numbers suggested in an email or "computer virus" alert.

Your best protection is to "Be Aware" and "Research Computer Security" yourself. Protect yourself and your relatives, including your children, the elderly, your family, your friends and your employees by discussing, passwords, fraud, conmen, and computer security.

Last thing - in the movie a person harms themselves believing nothing could be done to recover their money and photos. This is not true!  Do not harm yourself, or others - contact your financial institutions, law enforcement and private attorneys.   In most cases all the funds can be recovered, or are covered under financial institution security and insurance.

Do not restart your computer until after you have made some of the contacts listed above.  

Regards and Be Safe,

Todd W. Byars
Computer Dudes
Global Operations and Security

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With so much Negativity on the Social Media and News - Computer Dudes begins posting "Ten Days of Good News."

on 29 Jun 2024  Posted by CorpRattX  Category: Technology  Comments: 0

Day One Post - COVID 19 - Is Survivable, especially if you got the vaccinations.    

I have recovered from the latest variant of COVID 19 and my 10 days of quarantine ended today!!   The vaccines and updates work and I did not require hospitalization.   Researching COVID 19 and its new variant allowed me to recover with only a doctors guidance and over the counter meds.

If you can avoid COVID 19 and other Illnesses - but if you do get sick - know that you can recover.   Good health is the ultimate "Good News."

Day Two Post - New Solutions to Global Pollution and Warming

Computer Dudes Research on Drone guided balloons, tethered balloons, and PLANTING Trees have resulted in several a solution to Global Pollution and Warming.

We began today by selecting Eight sites on 2 properties  for tree planting - sun level testing complete, soil testing in progress. The first tree will be an apple tree planted in view of Computer Dudes workshop on my property in Tallahassee, Florida.

Day Three Post - 800 Watt per Panel, Solar Panels

Solar Panels have evolved from heavy aluminum framed panels that generate up to 100 Watts of Power per hour - to Thin Flexible Panels that require no frame, are very light, can be used in temporary or permanent placement generating - 800 Watts per panel.

The new panels are much less expensive, made of a thin plastic, and can be shredded for recycling at the end of their service life.

We have used them to power Air Conditioners, Computers and even Off Grid Data Centers 

Ten Days of Good News, Day Four - Optics, Smaller Medical Devices and Medical Watches.

Optics is the Science of Light.  Light is used in a scientific instrument called a spectrometer.  Spectrometers measure light and changes to light once the light hits and form of matter.  Medical devices use the science of optics in many sensors.

The Medical Watch on my arm uses a small spectrometer to determine blood oxygen level, sugar level, and blood chemistry without drawing blood.
Medical watches now give all the information one receives in an Emergency Room hooked up to a number of machines as well as blood tests.

The Computer Dudes is one of millions of companies testing and developing the technology and improving the technology
The watches are already helping millions improve their health.

The future is Bright! (forgive the Optics pun) -

Ten Days of Good News, Day Five - Computers

The first computers I worked and trained on were huge, often the size of a dining room.   The first PC's were also large and required heavy CRT type monitors.

Todays computers are our Cell Phones.   More powerful than the early computers and with integrated sensors and communication systems as well as HD Cameras and other features.  As we progress into 2024 - 2025 our computers are becoming our wrist watches.     Small, portable, often waterproof, programmable and powerful - they run off their internal batteries for days or weeks.    Small powerful computers are the good news for Day Five.    Even as I write this I can envision even smaller computers including those in medical devices.

These improvements in computers benefit all mankind and are being carried into Space with us.

Ten Days of Good News, Day Six - HD Cameras

The improvement and availability of HD Cameras needs little discussion - the CONTENT and HISTORY being captured by Billions of People around the United States and World are the good news.

From my recent trip up and down the East Coast my photography shows a Nation with many different ethic groups, races, religions and sexual orientations ALL together happy - celebrating their freedoms.

Those photos are now part of American History and disprove most of the negativity posted in the media.   While there are still many fake and deep fake photos and videos the HD photos and Videos are very difficult to spoof.    The volume and number of sources of HD Photos and Videos shared and posted across the internet and in person record and show the truth.

Ten Days of Good News, Day Seven - The Economy

In spite of all the negativity from the press and the politicians the Economy in the US is "Hot Hot Hot!"  I have never seen so much new construction and so many people employed since before COVID.

Inflation seems to be under control and although people still complain about money - every Starbucks and Chick-fil-a has both drive throughs full out onto the street.

I sincerely hope you, my friends, have a good job or career and are getting the pay and benefits you deserve.  If you don't keep looking, I think hiring will pick up again after the Election. :)

Ten Days of Good News, Day Eight - USB, SSHD and Portable Hard Drives

If you had told me even ten years ago that I could store Terabytes of information on a USB Drive or SSHD that is smaller than my wallet, I would have asked you what you were smoking.
Today they are a reality and even come in metal cases that are many colors and shapes to help identify the data stored on them.

Ten Days of Good News, Day Nine - UPS - Uninterruptible Power Supply

When you live anywhere there is a power grid - especially here in Florida - expect power outages and even for the power to blink on and off for no apparent reason

If you had told me even ten years ago that I could store Terabytes of information on a USB Drive or SSHD that is smaller than my wallet, I would have asked you what you were smoking.
Today they are a reality and even come in metal cases that are many colors and shapes to help identify the data stored on them.

Originally the standard was for the UPS to give the User 10 minutes to shut down. Now UPS units act as surge protectors and give low power use computers up to an hour to work and shut down.

Ten Days of Good News, Day Ten - Electric Bikes and Offroad Vehicles.

The new electric bicycles would certainly be adored by the Wright Brothers (who built bikes into airplanes).
I like the way one can pedal and use the bike like those from my childhood but at the same time it recharges the battery.

Electric Golf Carts and Offroad Vehicles are awesome too.
All of these help get a person outside of the house, or off the couch and provide many days of fun and adventures.

Todd W. Byars, Computer Dudes, Tallahassee, Florida :)

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Android Team Awareness Kit, ATAK, systems inprovement and design by our friends at Resilience Theater

on 22 Jun 2024  Posted by CorpRattX  Category: Technology  Comments: 0

One of my favorite things to do as a Computer Dudes Engineer is working on projects with groups from all over the world.

In the past few year a Software for Portible Phones and computers named: Android Team Awareness Kit, ATAK.

One of the groups we work with is out of Northern Europe and they have enhanced to portability, communications, extended maps which can be accessed where there is no phone or network communications.

This group has done the most work, and we contributed advice on using Shielded Wire and low DC voltages for safe secure communications.

The group is called Resilience Theater. Below are some links to their work including a how to "Wiki."

First find and follow Resilience Theater on LinkedIn -  as the group posts fresh updates - as well as adding new followers daily.

Here is their Wiki which gives instruction on the systems, sensors, and advanced options for any TAK system.

Start Here with the project overview and systems created to enhance ATAK systems

Some of the most interesting and useful functions are: "Edgemap," which is a map database on a chip or single-board computer like a Raspberry Pi 4 or 5. Those computers use 5 Volts DC and cannot be detected, especially if you use Shielded CAT 5 or 6 Cables.

Resilience Theater also created an encrypted Push To Talk, PTT, system.

Here is their link to Edgemap.

In North Florida these systems are used by Forest Ranger, Forest Fire Fighters, People with Off Road vehicles and even people on vacation to they do not get lost.

We would like to say "Well Done" and "Keep up the good work!" to all those working at Resilience Theater, as well as the many who contribute knowledge and share net techniques. Thank you for doing such nice work.

Your friend,

Todd W. Byars
Computer Dudes
Global Operations and Security

#computerdudes #resiliancetheater #atak #sensors #security #edgemap #ptt #sensornets

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Computer Dudes - Reporting from Bermuda

on 10 Jun 2024  Posted by CorpRattX  Category: Technology  Comments: 0

Report from Bermuda

Toured Dockyards and Old British Navy Fort and Prison. Tour of local area near sea port and history.

For Global Cooling Project: Houses here are built from quarried Limestone including the roof of the building. All roofs are painted White every 2 years. Water is in short supply especially in the last century. All houses have a cistern under or beside house and water is collected from the rain and special gutters which drain in to cistern. A cistern is a round often open topped tank build of brick or stone.

White roofs and cisterns a technology from more than 2 centuries ago are still viable options to help with global warming and water shortages.

Golf with friends and business contacts from UK and Europe at Turtle Hill Fairmount Golf Course. Technology and Security discussed along with #solaroneballoon and #solaronedroneballoon. Solar Power and #solaronedatacenter which requires no building and can withstand a hurricane and power outages.

Discussed Drone Defense course for civilians including beam guns and plasma antennas. Uplink technology and communications upgrades also discussed.

Also discussed new 800 Watt per solar panel technology that is now for sale around the world as well as hybrid Solar / Electric air conditioning units.

I am aboard the NCL Gem and we are in Bermuda for 2 more days then on to Maine and finally back to Boston.

A vacation that is both business and pleasure is a good thing - especially if one does not plan too much.

I am having a great time and the food, entertainment, pools, and people on the ship are all very nice.

More soon...


Todd W. Byars
Computer Dudes
Global Operations and Services

#computerdudes #research #technology #powersystems #solar and #waterpurification

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Computer Dudes VMware Replacement Research and Options 2024

on 03 Jun 2024  Posted by Administrator  Category: Technology  Comments: 0

The Computer Dudes, Inc,  Tallahassee, Florida: 6-3-2024

Following the Broadcomm take over of VMware several of our clients asked for options on replacement and security.

We divided up our research among Computer Dudes in Atlanta, Las Vegas, Maine and Texas. We then sent equipment and instructions to several prospective groups seeking to be Computer Dudes in UK, Germany and Australia.

Here are our current solutions:

Beowulf Clustering

Beowulf Clustering - which is faster and more secure than the cloud, especially if you do the clustering by Server Rack using a backplane or software that thinks it is a backplane


QEMU is an Open Source VM Emmulator - it is a big project supported by many around the globe and gets good reviews from users at different levels. Here are the Specs:

Developer: Fabrice Bellard License: GPL-2.0-only Operating system: Linux, Microsoft Windows, macOS and some other UNIX platforms
Repository: Stable release: 9.0.0 / 23 April 2024 Programming Language: C


Citrix Hypervisor is now ZenServer-8. They have a VMware ESXi migration tool to convert and activated any ESXi Virtual Machines, Servers or Appliances. One free download without registering. Free to try - about 20 bucks per user, per year, per user license.
You will also need the Load Balancer and some of the tools for advanced configuration and speed.

Why do Computer Dudes share our research?   We consider anyone with the skill to work with VMware, Citrix, QEMU, and GetHub to be "Computer Dudes."   
"Dudes" is not a gender pronoun - it is a DESIGNATION of skill, ethics, and communication with clients.

Good Luck with your summer research - implementation begins in the Fall - Additional Updates will be posted in the comments below this article


Todd W. Byars
Computer Dudes
Global Operations and Aerospace
Virtualization and Security

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1 day ago
More on Crowdstrike from a Retired Microsoft Programmer / Developer with more years experience than even me.

Because of security features on this website you will have to manually cut and paste the link above to a new browser Window.

Thanks to my friend Michael Cole on LinkedIn for finding and sharing the video.

The video should explain to both the layman and engineer in computer services as well as the every day user and company owner.

Todd W. Byars

2 days ago
I just had a video call with my boss, Todd W. Byars and some of the Other Computer Dudes.
No one had any problems to report, no outages, no ransomware, no hacking of any of our clients.
The computer techs and engineers from over here in the New Orleans area all look tired and frazzled due to the Crowdstrike Outages.
Todd has been working on his Tan. Not bad considering he had a quad bypass, open heart surgery 2.5 years ago.
I think I will find a swimming pool and do the same.
T. Riker : New Orleans Station

4 days ago
Hot, Hot, Hot! Both the weather and the food here in New Orleans. Computer Dudes, New Orleans, is keeping me busy. Greets to all the other Computer Dudes around the United States and World. Stay cool!!
Field Engineer T. Riker

1 week ago
The Meta Quest 3 - FAILS AGAIN!!

We waited a seven months since our first evaluation of the Meta Quest 3 and its games and software.

Today it failed at the following games: Star Trek: Bridge Crew, Remio: World, Remio: Tron Disc Game, Swordsman, Drone Trainer and a few others.

It was slow, it overheated, it went through the battery like a kid goes through a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Bandwidth - it needs A LOT of bandwidth and low latency (which we have).

It still crashes frequently.

UNBELIEVABLE coming from Meta, Formerly Facebook, one of the biggest companies on the planet

It has not gotten better since the first review - it has gotten worse!!

Based on the software and "worlds" upgrading the the Meta Quest 4 will not improve things. :( Todd

1 week ago
How to keep Google from searching sites with answers you do not want or that are inaccurate?



You can make a whole list of sites to block in a text file on your computer then just cut and paste them all at each search.

It works great on getting false information or ads or sponsored sites.

Regards - Todd
Computer Dudes

1 week ago
I completed training on the Bridge of the U.S.S. Aegis: NX-1787. An Aegis Class Starship this morning by completing training on Helm, Tactical, Engineering and the Captains Chair by completing the first mission. It was great fun.
Now we need to figure out how to get the People of Earth to spend less on War and more on building Starships, Starbases and Colonies on other Planets. Regards - Todd

1 week ago
I just ordered the 2025 FAR/AIM and a Drone Flight School training manual.

The new FAR/AIM is not released until August 1st.

I am going to take the next step in Drones and Drone Training and get my Drone Pilots License.

This will be needed for our #droneballoon and #cargodrone projects.

I do not think of the training as school or work - I think of it as fun! Great stuff! - Todd

2 weeks ago
Job Alert: It just came in over the email that an Enterprise Level Corporation or State Agency is looking for an Azure Architect in the Tallahassee, Florida Area.

This is not a job with Computer Dudes but we would be happy to share the contact information.

If you are interested and qualified please contact us as soon as possible. Regards - Todd

2 weeks ago
Today I learned to Pilot a Starship!

We decided to take a break from programming environments on the Meta Quest 3 - and loaded Start Trek: Bridge Crew by Ubisoft.

The game begins on the Simulated Bridge of the U.S.S. Aegis: NX-1787.
The first lesson is on the Helm and How to Navigate the Ship.

Great fun and after the Meta Quest 3 recharges, I will probably explore the game further.

We are having a record heat wave here in the South Eastern United States so its a good day to play games.

Stay Cool! - Todd

2 weeks ago
Computer Dudes is making the transition to an open source research and development not for profit company.

As you see on our website we have given our ideas and inventions to the world for years.

Computer Dudes - its employees, contractors and friends all agree Quality is much better than Money.

We further agree to help the world as well as the work being done in Space.

Computer Dudes, Founded 1997, Tallahassee, Florida by, me, Todd W. Byars in Tallahassee, Florida

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